Can humanity survive the reckless biotechnology experiments?

During the last 300,000 years, there have been numerous near-extinction events affecting the entire human population of the planet. But the genetic structure and capacity to develop higher functions and capabilities characteristic of humans have survived numerous catastrophes and...

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These craft have some propulsion sound BUT not conventional terrestrial jet sounds...One was filmed just before dusk - the other in the early hours....

Cynthia Hind: African encounters

UFO literature from Africa is very scarce indeed. Apart from the latest book by Elisabeth Klarer, the only volume I am aware of is "Flying saucers über Südafrika" by Edgar Sievers, published in 1956. It was therefore with great...

Alec MacLellan: The lost world of Agharti

Book Cover Most books so far published on the inner earth theme has lacked the essential quality of intellectual integrity and balance. They have rightly been relegated to the category of fringe literature by the mainstream ufologists. The English...

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